IEC EMI Power Line Filter - 6 Amp

SKU MS4003

These Industry standard design RF/EMI filters are designed to reduce line - to - ground (common mode) interference. They accept a standard IEC power line convertor and are panel mounted. They meet (or exceed) international standard leakage requirements and are rated for mains voltages of 115 to 250V, 50, 60Hz.- Safety and construction are in compliance with UL, CSA, VDE etc.

- Rated voltage: 115/250VAC
- Power Line Freq: 50/60Hz
- Rated Current: 6 amps
- Maximum Leakage Current:
- Line to ground @ 115 VAC 60Hz 0.25mA @ 250VAC 50Hz 0.50mA

Test Voltage:
- Line to ground: 2250VDC, one minute
- Line to ground: 1450VDC, one minute


Width 50mm
Height 31mm
Depth 19.5mm