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In-line Cable Clamp Connector - 3A - Pack of 6

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Designed to reduce electrical installation time and to increase efficiency. These easy-to-use connectors eliminates the need  to strip, twist and crimp connect wires. Simply insert your wire into the clamp opening and snap it shut using your hands or small pliers depending on wire gauge to make the connection. The precision-sharpened connector blades borrows the IDC  configuration that cut through the wires create a connection.

Available in two shapes - "I" type and "T" type. "I" type are used for end to end connections whereas the "T" type for parallel connections. Ideal for applications such as: low voltage LEDs, residential, automotive, communication and broadcasting.

•    Avoid stripping, twisting or crimping cables together
•    Eliminates need to tape cables
•    Creates an IP33 connection
•    Electrically Safety approved
•    Handles up to 600VAC
•    RoHS compliant
•    Max current (240VAC): 3A
•    Connection loss (Ohm): 0.0018


Length 25mm
Width 5.5mm
Height 5.5mm
Weight 0.8g

Type of quick connector Splice
Wire Gauge 27AWG-20AWG
Pack Quantity 6pc
Wire Size (Cross Section) 0.2mm²-0.5mm²