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Kingray VHF/UHF Masthead Amp with LTE/4G Filters

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As you may be aware by now, a large chunk of the Australian TV broadcast spectrum is being reallocated for the next generation 4G/LTE mobile phone service. To guard against this, Kingray have produced this Australian made masthead amp that provides a good VHF & UHF TV band gain, and user selectable filters for FM radio, fixed pagers, and the new 4G/LTE band. Supplied with AC power injector and F-type to PAL adaptors. A fantastic product proudly made in Australia.

• FM pass option
• Selectable filters: FM, LTE, fixed pagers
• Combination and separate VHF & UHF Antenna inputs
• Suitable power supplies: LT-3256, LT-3258 or LT-3259

Includes PSK06F power supply.

For more info on Kingray TV antenna products, see our selection guide.


VHF Gain 22dB-26dB
VHF Frequency Range 174MHz-230MHz
VHF Noise Figure 3.5dB
Amplifier Type Masthead
UHF Gain 35dB
UHF Frequency Range 520MHz-694MHz
UHF Noise Figure 2.1dB
UHF Gain Control 15dB
VHF Gain Control 16dB-12dB