Super Pro Gas Soldering Iron

by Folders

The Portasol Super Pro is the big brother of all irons in the range. It features adjustable tip temperature up to 580°C, with equivalent electrical power of between 25 and 125W! 125W may seem somewhat excessive to some. You don't need a V8 to drive around town, but it's nice to know that the power is there when it's needed isn't it? Ignition is achieved with the internal Piezo crystal mechanism, and run time is around 2 hours on a 30 second refill. The stainless steel finished gas tank features a viewing window to keep an eye on fuel level, and the protective end cap also acts as a safety cut off for the gas valve control when replaced. With the various tips available and huge power at hand, no job is a match for the Portasol Super Pro.


Ignition : Piezo Spark
Tip Cover Included : true
Length : 234.0mm
Diameter : 25.0mm
Weight : 135.0g
Fuel type : Butane
Fuel burn time : 120.0min
Refill time : 30.0sec
Soldering iron type : Gas Soldering Iron
Soldering Power Rating : 125.0W
Temperature : 580.0°C
Temperature Regulated : false
Spare Tips Available : true
Alternate Tips Available : true
Type : Chisel, Blower
Size : 1.0mm