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Tanglewood Mandolin - Black Gloss with Pickup

The Mandolin has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years and what it has previously lacked in style it makes up for in sound. The Tanglewood TWMTBKPE F Hole Mandolin complete with single coil pickup delivers classic Mandolin tone but adds a layer of style thanks to its dark finish, white scratchplate and chrome hardware. If you want a slick Mandolin that plays just as well as it looks, the Tanglewood TWMTBKPE is for you.

The body of the TWMTBKPE Mandolin is crafted from Linden (Basswood) which has a distinct mid-range tone ideal for the voicing of a Mandolin. Linden also rings out with nice sustain and whilst being a colourless wood, is certainly harmonically rich. The TWMTBKPE is also very lightweight but being a Tanglewood it has that ‘solid’ feel synonymous with a high quality instrument.

The neck of the TWMTBKPE is formed from Burmese Teak, a very smooth wood that has been shaped to a comfortable profile. The addition of the black gloss finish on the back of the neck makes for a fluid playing experience that will always be a joy, even through those long jam sessions that tend to run late into the night.

Nut Width 30mm

Width 12th Fret  38mm

Scale Length 350mm

Neck Thickness 1F 21.5mm

Neck Thickness 7F 22.5mm