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Duinotech Leonardo r3 Development Board for Arduino

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Arduino Compatible

Most of the Duinotech models use two chipsets, one for the main controller, one for USB communication. The Duinotech Lite combines both these functions into a single IC, which opens to door for more advanced USB functions. Now you can have your DuinoTECH Lite emulate a computer keyboard, mouse, joystick and many other types of input device. The DuinoTECH Lite also boasts more analogue inputs (12), and an extra PWM channel.


•    Fully Arduino™- Compatible

•    ATMega32u4 Microcontroller
     EEPROM: 1KB
     Speed: 16MHz

•    Built in USB-Serial

•    IO:
     Digital IO: 20 pins (7 are configurable as digital or PWM)
     PWM Capable: 7 pins
     Analogue Inputs: 12 pins (6 are shared with digital pins)
     Serial Ports: 2 (One USB, one UART, more supported via SoftwareSerial library)

•    Input voltage:
     5VDC Regulated via USB port or 5V pin
     7-14VDC via Vin pin
     On-board regulator supplies 5V when unit is powered via Vin pin


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Length 53mm
Width 75mm
Height 13mm

Program memory 32MB
Board Inputs 2
Board Outputs 2

USB Voltage Input 5V