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Solid State Relay 4-32VDC Input, 30VDC 100A Switching

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This panel mount solid state relay offers 4 -32VDC input control, with a switched output rated at 30VDC/ 100Amps. Note, please refer to the data sheet; especially the Precautions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and make sure the heat sink size is adequate for high current loads. Switching high current DC loads normally requires use of a contactor to avoid arcing as the contacts try to separate. This solid state relay uses MOSFET technology to provide an economical and reliable method of switching medium to high power DC loads. This means there is no arcing and the low on-state resistance provides a viable alternative to the bulky and expensive contactors.

Note: Inductive loads must have diode suppression (Refer data sheet wiring diagram)

Output Circuit
• Load Voltage: 0-30VDC
• Load Current: 0.02-100A
• Max On-State Resistance: 0.007Ohms
• Max On-State Voltage Drop: 0.35V
• Max Turn On Time: 0.5ms
• Max Turn Off Time: 0.5ms
• Max Surge Current: 240A (10ms)

Input Circuit
• Control Voltage: 4-32VDC
• Control Current: 28mA max.
• Min Turn Off Voltage: 1.0VDC
• Input Resistance: 1.2kOhm


DC Contact Voltage 0V-30V
Release Time 0.5ms
Device Type Solid State Relay
Input DC
Contact format SPST
DC Switching Current (Closing) 0.02A-100A
Operation Time 0.5ms

DC Voltage 3V-32V
DC Current Draw 28mA

Attachment / Securing Method Screw Down
Mount Screw Size 2mm
Overall Screw Spacing (H) 47.5mm
Mounting Method Chassis
Mount Screw Quantity 2pc